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Seattle, WA -
Easy Auto Buy has a rich history in the Pacific Northwest. Years ago, it was owned by Fisher Broadcasting and was used as one of the earliest web destinations for car buyers to research and inquire about their next car. Car dealers around the region supported the effort as a way to make introductions to many new customers. The current owners of Easy Auto Buy are car people with deep roots in Seattle as well.

Being a "Car Guy" or "Car Gal" as we refer to them is a lifelong effort. You don't just wake up one day as a Car Guy! It takes years of watching, looking, investigating and playing with cars. Car people love to drive long windy roads, to feel the clinch of their abs from a Hemi or to enjoy the grip of some GoodYears on the pavement as they navigate a corner.

In 2013, Easy Auto Buy launched a new web site which formalized what Easy Auto Buy is as a company. An easy, simple, friendly and local way to buy and sell cars - using your personal "Car Guy" or "Car Gal".

Call Easy Auto Buy today or submit a request on line to initiate the process of locating your next automobile, family sedan, truck, SUV, 4x4, sports car or luxury vehicle.