Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars can you get?
You choose what sort of car you want. You set your budget and we will guide you along in the process to get you what you want and what you can afford.

Can you get new cars?
Yes, we are well versed in working with the new car franchises to get you just what you want at the best possible price.

How much will it cost?
Our fees are really reasonable. The main point to know is that we save you money overall. Yes, we have to charge for our services and insurance but in the end you get a less stressful car buying experience and we still save you money and ensure you have a reliable vehicle.

I am a Car Gal or Guy and I want to join Easy Auto Buy...
Great! Cars are fun and working through the car buying and selling process is a lot of fun for fellow Car Gals and Guys. We are excited to bring you into the process and share our tools, tips, tricks and systems with you. For now, see licensing info to submit your information.

How long does it take to locate a car for me?
It varies. Sometimes it can be a quick as a few days depending upon what you want and how specific it is. If it is a new car then it can be within a day or two. Other times, it may take a few weeks to find just the right used car with just the right features.

What are the options for using Easy Auto Buy?
Well, we have a few different services that we offer you. To source a vehicle, we work with you on a budget for your vehicle and ensure you have the funding to purchase the vehicle. We do not purchase vehicles with our money. We use your money to get the car you want. You will be responsible for sourcing fees which range from $500 - $1000 generally, mechanical insurance which is a minimum of $400 or 5% of the car value, dealer fees which are usually $350 - $700, shipping fees (if the vehicle is coming from long distance) which range from $500 - $1800, taxes and licensing fees and the car value fee or purchase price. We also offer additional options to run the car through a full service and cleaning prior to delivery. The price for this varies but can be worked into the overall price of the car. Bottom line is there are a lot of misc fees associated with buying a car. We will be completely transparent with you and we will guarantee that it will be an friendly process and that you will pay less in the end than you would buying a car from anyone else.

What sort of guarantee do I get that you are going to find the car I want?
We can find just about any car. At times, for example when someone asked us to find a Panoz of a certain year, it took us a while but that was because there were only 40 of them made and we had to make some serious phone calls to find the car! Don't worry, there are millions of cars out there and we will find you what you want in just the right color with that leather interior and Bose stereo system if that is what you are looking for!

Why don't you just fill up a car lot and sell cars the old fashion way?
We like change and we feel strongly that the car industry has got to change. The car buying experience simply has too much friction. Car salespeople are generally paid on commission and tend to be like vultures when you pull into a lot so like most of you, we visit the dealerships at night when they are not around so we can just get a look at the car we may be interested in. We realize that life is packed full and we don't really have time to hassle with the whole car buying experience and we recognize that not everyone is as versed in auto buying negotiations as a Car Guy or Car Gal that has done it dozens or hundreds of times.